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If you are interested in the interaction between man and nature, the extensive exhibitions in the Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry are just your cup of tea.

The old stag.
Worlds oldest stuffed wild animail

We do have a more than 300 years’ old stuffed stag, which used to be the King’s Hart. In fact it is the oldest stuffed, wild animal in the world.

However, our hunting collections are not just the pompous ones of kings and noblemen, which you find in any European hunting museum. Here, you will also find a wide variety of ordinary hunters’ gear like decoys, gunning punts, and punt guns. Or, an amazing collection of poachers’ gear, traps, and strange home made weapons.

A happy youngster in logger clothes
A happy youngster in logger clothes


The forest collections tell about Danish forestry as it developed after the Enlightenment Era, when German experts were invited to introduce their methods into the Danish society, which turned forestry into a trade in its own right. A development which over the past 200 years has enlarged the Danish forest area from less than 4% of the country to more than 12%, and changed the Danish landscape completely.

For the children, the museum has a wide range of activities (see program in Danish here). Moreover, the exhibitions do also address the children, offering lots of hands-on opportunities, and e.g. the possibility of trying on a logger’s clothes.

Eating in

Of course you may also have a nice cup of coffee, the specialty of the café Sneppen being home baked cakes, a delicious light lunch, or a glass of white wine on the sunny terrace. Read more about Café Sneppen here (in Danish).